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I’m one of those people who really like to celebrate their birthdays. I mean why not? It’s the only day in the year that you can really say, “HEY! Shut up. It my birthday” and people will listen. HAHA Anyways, Andrew and I are in the middle of planning a get-away for the big day next month. Should be lots of fun 🙂

Hey Everyone!
Guess where I am!! MEXICO!! Actually not right now because I’m writing this ahead of time, but get ready for some awesome images of Cozumel next week 🙂 The main reason why I’m going is to go scuba diving, but I’ll try to sneak some shots of the beaches.

Now, heres what happened this past week:
I visited the Thomas Jefferson Memorial at sunrise and the Memorial Bridge at sunset.
I took another trip to Great Falls National Park and learned a lot from my experience there.
Then I brought it back to earlier in the summer when I visited a sunflower field in Southern Maryland.
Finally, to round out the week I posted a new image of the Library of Congress in DC.

I was also featured in Fun in Fairfax for the very first time!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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There was nothing particulary difficult or challenging about this shoot. I had to be patient waiting for some boats to clear the way and hoping for some nice light from the sunset. Other that it was pretty smooth.

It’s getting pretty difficult to figure new places to go around DC, especially for sunset because there are very limited spots where the sunset actaully looks good.

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