Happy Weekend Everyone! Hope you all had an amazing week. Here are so of the things you may have missed:

I came back from Ohio and uploaded a few images from the weekend.
Ohio had some beautiful sunsets, but the real reason why I was there was for the MidUSA Ohio Hot Air Balloon Challenge. Heres a nice one with the balloons in the sky.

Here’s my behind the scenes look behind my images:

Now that I’m back home, the heat wave has been seriously affecting my images. It’s hard to get a nice sunset or sunrise. So I figured I could go to one of my favorite spots for pictures and shoot the water at Great Falls. While I was there I ran into this pretty butterfly that I just had to capture.

This past week was amazing for my work:
I was in FamousDC for my Capitol Sunrise

And in HDR Spotting 3 times!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! 🙂

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