Happy Weekend 🙂

In case you missed anything on the blog this past week, here’s a little recap.

I took you guys along with me to Scotts Run Nature Preserve. It was my first time there so I got a little freaked out. Please subscribe to my youtube channel if you like it

I saw a 1971 Blue Tractor on the side of the road and had to pull over.
Georgetown at Night is never boring. Theres always something going on.
The only waterfall in the DC Metro area, Scotts Run Waterfall
A close up shot of a Green Flower
Taken back in March, I needed sometime to work on this image Rodeo Beach Rocks

Another Famous DC image, the Supreme Court:

The Washington Post blog, State of NoVA used my waterfall image for a post to beat the DC heat:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see you again on Monday 🙂

georgetown, washington dc, night photography, cars, lights, landscape, wide-angle, angela b. pan, abpan

I’ve been planning this shot for a while now. I orginially had the idea for this shot in the winter, so everytime I went to Georgetown I brought my camera with me. But then there was something about the cold air, cars flying by and the fact that this shot would look the same in the winter and in the summer that convinced me that I could delay it for a few months.

This past week, Serendiptiy 3 opened in Georgetown and my Boyfriend and I had to go. We missed out in Vegas so I was really excited to eat some good ice cream and finally get this shot.

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kennedy center, center for the performing arts, angela b. pan, abpan, georgetown, washington dc, john f. kennedy, sunrise, hdr, landscape

This image was taken a long time ago, probably like 3 months ago. HAHA I know thats not a long time ago, but it seems like it because I completely forgot about this shot.

I was walking around the waterfront in Georgetown and saw the gorgeous sky. I had to figure out where to get a good composition FAST. I raced over to the edge and tried to get the best shot of the Kennedy Center I could.

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