farris wheel

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Lately I’ve gotten into night photography so this past week had some exciting new images.

The first one was from the Library of Congress at night. The water fountain looks almost surreal.
Tuesday I reminisced on my memorial day weekend and cropped out an image of the Farris Wheel from Viva Vienna.
Shenandoah National Park is beautiful in so many ways. Sunrise is a time of day not many people get to see, I’m glad to show you this amazing image of blues, yellows and oranges.
I spent a night walking around DC and got some interesting shot. The first one is of the Chinatown Gate in DC. It was pretty difficult to find the perfect spot, but once I did, I think it came out great!
But the Lincoln Memorial at night has got to be my favorite image of the week. I love all the different streaks of light, including the one from the plane that was flying over by at the right moment.

Wanna see where all the magic happens? Check out my office tour.

I was in FamousDC again, check out my Arlington Memorial Bridge image.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll be in Philly this weekend so get ready for some brotherly love images next week 🙂

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This farris wheel was from Viva Vienna a few weeks ago. Here’s an image of the carousel I captured. At first I was happy with the original image because there was a building behind it, which made it slightly distracting. After thinking about it so more, DUH, just crop it out.

Check out my vlog from Memorial Day weekend when I visited the festival.

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