droplet, water, macro, closeup, botanical gardens, angela b. pan, abpan, hdr, virgnia

The weather in VA has been pretty gross. It’s been dark, gloomy and rainy. Not very fun, but it makes for amazing water droplet images.

In other news, I’m really excited for Thanksgiving. I plan on making an appetizer, 2 sides and 2 pecan pies 🙂 YUMM

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macro, close up, feathers, droplets, nature, angela b. pan, abpan, hdr, virginia

From far away I think this looks like an angel.

Walking around Meadowlark Gardens I found these unusually feathery things. I couldn’t even tell you what they are, but I loved all the water droplets ont hem and all the lines it created. You gotta pay close attention to your surroundings to get an image like this.

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