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Reflecting Pool at Sunset

lincoln memorial, sunset, reflecting pool, clouds, washington dc

Surprise! This wasn’t taken at sunrise. It’s a sunset pic! I am capable of staying up late :) or late-ish :D


Capitol Restoration

capitol, nations capital, us capitol building, reflection, clouds, sunrise, construction, restoration,

I was expecting a beautiful sunrise so I thought I’d go to the US Capitol building. Its always been one of my favorite spots to catch the sun but when I got there, all I saw was restoration tents and dark clouds.


Willow Trees in DC

willow trees, washington dc, lincoln memorial, washington monument, gw parkway, george washington, sunrise, clouds, visit, running trail,

Along the GW Parkway there are these beautiful willow trees everywhere. I love watching them blow in the wind. It seems like they’d be the perfect spot for a picnic or even to just cuddle up and read. Do you think so? Or have I just been watching way to much tv lately that I’m getting these fantasy, dream-like visions of willow trees in my head?


Muggy Morning

great falls park in virginia

It’s been really dark and cloudy in the mornings, but that hasn’t been stopping the heat from coming in the day time. When I’m in the house, I’m always bundled up and always get so surprised when I step outside to walk Frankie and it’s so warm. I like it better than the cold weather though.


Marine Corp Memorial

marine corp memorial, sunrise, clouds, american flag, arlington, virginia, va,

Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s day weekend. I spent a lot of time with family, friends and food. No better way to spend the weekend :)


Camano Island, Washington

camano island, airbnb, water, sunset, island, washington state, travel, clouds

For a few days we stayed in Camano Island. A little closer to the tulip festival than Seattle was plus we found this cute air bnb with a great host. But the best part about it was that it was so close to the water. One night before heading out to dinner, Kelly and I noticed the gorgeous sky. It had been raining for most of the afternoon and finally broke up right before the sun went down. This was taken by the Camano Island Yacht Club.


Vancouver Planes

vancouver, water plane, sunset, mountain, canada, eh, water, clouds

While visiting the pacific northwest we had to stop by Vancouver. Eh?

I love how clean and beautiful the city is. The people are so friendly and kind. It’s definitely a place that I’d like to go back to and explore more.

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Kerry Park, Seattle

kerry park, seattle, washington state, skyline, space needle, sunset, buildings, architecture, visit, clouds, wind

Probably the best view of the city. How do I know? A whole bus of high school kids dressed up for the prom got out and took really cold/windy pics. Poor girls looked so cold. But a fun sight to see while waiting the sun to go down.


Crazy Sunset at the Washington Monument

washington monument, washington dc, view from capitol, us capitol, silhouette, reflection, pool, clouds, trees,

Do you want to know something crazy?! I’ve been blogging for 5 years. That’s not the crazy part. The crazy part is that I haven’t missed a single monday-friday in those 5 years. Now that’s C R A Z Y!

How do I do it? I preschedule my blog posts. Just like I’m doing with this one. In reality it’s Thursday April 16th and I was going through some old pictures and realized I’d never posted an image from this AMAZING sunset a few months ago.

But if it really was Monday April 20th. I’d be just getting home from NYC getting ready to go on my trip to Seattle. Off to the west coast I go!


Jefferson Cloud Reflection

jefferson memorial, washington dc, tidal basin, sunrise, clouds, early morning,

Going through some of the other shots I got while out taking cherry blossom pics. This one is from before it’s peak. You can hardly make out the cherry trees next to the Jefferson but I thought the clouds and reflection looked totally cool