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Tidal Basin at Sunset

jefferson, memorial, tidal basin, clouds, washington dc, reflection, water,

I was trying to find a different composition with the Tidal Basin and was loving the reflection in the water.


The Green Monster

green monster, red sox, boston, massachusetts, clouds, tour, red sox

Took a fun tour of the Green Monster.

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Cancun, Mexico

cancun, mexico, mx, beach, storm, clouds, umbrellas, chair, summer

Hope your view is something like this this weekend.

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Super Moon in DC

jefferson memorial, tidal basin, super moon, clouds, water, reflection, washington dc, weather, travel, usa, america, moon

My first time shooting the supermoon! I didn’t have an idea what to expect. After waiting about 10 minutes, I finally saw it! But it was covered by clouds and I could see a faint red circle in the sky. This was taken about an hour after the moon rising.



wwii, memorial, sunset, rays, clouds, memorial, lights, fountain, angela b pan, abpan, photography, washington dc, photo, hdr, reflection

For me, the WWII memorial is one of the more difficult memorials to photograph in DC. It’s so big with so many beautiful fountains and things to look at. It’s hard to get it all in one image.


Capitol after a Storm

capitol, night, storm, sunset, dome, architecture, reflection, seating wall, clouds, blue, washington dc, travel

Wanted to create a dramatic/moody scene. What do you think?


Washington Sunset

lincoln, memorial, sunset, clouds, washington dc,

One of the best places to catch the sunset in DC.

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Storm Approaching the Washington Monument

washington monument, storm, clouds, rain, jefferson memorial, washington monument, washington dc, travel, weather, america, usa, rain

Just one of the storms we experienced last week in the district. Love these clouds.


Tidal Basin Storm

tidal basin, jefferson memorial, washington monument, clouds, storm, rain, panoramic, pano, sidewalk, washington dc, america, usa

Another stormy panoramic in the city.



sunflowers, sunflower field, flowers, sunrise, clouds, weather, maryland, md, mckee beshers, wildlife, hdr, photography, photo, america, travel,

The flowers were loving the dryer weather this morning and so was I!