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Purple Trees

purple, trees, spring, washington monument, washington dc, sunset, clouds, weather, sky, trees, flowers, travel,

Just moments before this sunset. Good thing we turned around.


Annapolis, Maryland at Sunrise

annapolis, nap town, maryland, md, boats, clouds, sunrise,

Nap town at sunrise. Luckily the water was calm to get a nice, sharp image of the boats.

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Before the Rain

jefferson, memorial, thomas jefferson, washington dc, tidal basin, sunrise, clouds, color, sky, rain, weather, travel, washington dc, columns, stairs, hdr, photography, photo

Before we got all this crazy rain from the weekend, I got up Friday morning to watch the sunrise. The storm clouds brought beautiful color.


Rock Formations in Sedona

sedona, arizona, capitol butte, clouds, travel, red rocks

Beautiful day in Sedona, Arizona. I love the clouds that are hovering over the rock formations. It created great light to highlight the rocks and makes the sky look extra blue.

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Maui, Hawaii

maui, hawaii, clouds, mountains, valley, weather, hawaii, travel

I don’t even know where this is. We were driving along, saw this on the side of the road and immediately pulled over. That’s the beautiful part of Hawaii. Something to beautiful to look at at ever turn.

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Boats in Old Town

alexandria, clouds, boats, waterfront, old town, virginia, storm, weather, usa, va

Storm headed our way from Alexandria, VA.


Ulysses S Grant Statue in Washington DC

ulysses s grant, capitol, statue, washington dc, clouds, sunrise,

Mr. Grant looking good in front of the Capitol building. Unfortunately, I left my tripod at home this day. But handheld didn’t do too bad of a job.


The Thomas Jefferson Memorial at Sunrise

jefferson memorial, thomas jefferson, tidal basin, sunrise, clouds, snow, winter, reflection, washington dc,

The Jefferson Memorial is distinguished by the circular shape of the monument. I love how the clouds behind it is sort of dividing it in half.


Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virginia

air force memorial, arlington, virginia, sunset, clouds, travel, washington dc, memorial

I’ve had a few questions about how I’ve shot the Air Force Memorial with the whole memorial in it. There’s no secret that I love my 17-40mm wide angle lens and this is what helps me get the whole thing in frame. It also helps to get down low.


Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in the Snow

martin luther king jr memorial, washington dc, tidal basin, snow, clouds, sunrise, early morning, travel, usa, united states,

Taken just a few minutes after this image, I was in love with the clouds in the back.