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Crazy Sunset at the Washington Monument

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Do you want to know something crazy?! I’ve been blogging for 5 years. That’s not the crazy part. The crazy part is that I haven’t missed a single monday-friday in those 5 years. Now that’s C R A Z Y!

How do I do it? I preschedule my blog posts. Just like I’m doing with this one. In reality it’s Thursday April 16th and I was going through some old pictures and realized I’d never posted an image from this AMAZING sunset a few months ago.

But if it really was Monday April 20th. I’d be just getting home from NYC getting ready to go on my trip to Seattle. Off to the west coast I go!


Jefferson Cloud Reflection

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Going through some of the other shots I got while out taking cherry blossom pics. This one is from before it’s peak. You can hardly make out the cherry trees next to the Jefferson but I thought the clouds and reflection looked totally cool


Weekend Catchup

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Weekend Catchup: I took more cherry blossom pictures :)

Saturday morning was PACKED! The bridge on Ohio Dr looked cramped by 6am. It was NUTS but so much fun.

I took this image around 6:05a. Luckily I was meeting up with my friend, Manny who saved me a spot right in front of the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. The water was so calm, perfect for a great reflection shot.


Cloudy Day at the Cherry Blossoms

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Another cloudy day at the Cherry Blossoms in DC yesterday. I decided to just concentrate on close up images of the blooms. I love looking at the little details that make these trees so beautiful.


Cloudy Day at the Tidal Basin

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Even on a cloudy day, the cherry blossoms still look beautiful. But I really hope that the rain we’re expecting in the DC area doesn’t knock the flowers off the branches. I’m having such a great time photographing these trees. I don’t want the fun to stop!!


Waiting for Cherry Blossoms

tidal basin, puddle, jefferson memorial, washington dc, sunrise, clouds, rain, reflection, morning, sunrise

The cherry blossoms are coming! So excited to shoot them this year. I always find them a fun challenge. To try to come up with something new that hasn’t been seen before but also to really showcase their beauty.


Federal Hill Benches

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Just got home from a quick get-away with Andrew and Frankie in Baltimore. It was nice to do something different over the weekend. We’re usually running a whole bunch house errands or have some kind of social event. This weekend we took the time for ourselves and spent some great quality time together.

This was on top Federal Hill right before we left. It was crazy windy and I’m so appreciated of my guys for hanging out with me while I was out doing what I love. But the last stop was Jack and Zach Food. Seriously the best pancakes ever.


Washington Monument Flags

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I love mornings like this. Seriously, is there a better way to start off the day? I don’t think so. Theres something about a beautiful spring morning that makes you feel so good. Even when you’re stuck in traffic and really don’t want to go to work, how could you be upset when you’re looking at this amazingness?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my irish and non-irish friends :)


District of Columbia War Memorial

District of Columbia War Memorial, dc memorial, wwi memorial, trees, clouds, sunrise, washington dc

Everytime I visit this memorial (which isn’t very often), I always think about Andrew and I’s engagement. We didn’t get engaged here, but we our good friend, Nat took our engagement pictures here. It’s such a beautiful memorial. When I was younger and we’d drive by it, I always thought it looked like a nice place to get married. You’re surrounded by trees and the beautiful memorial. Very little people visit here so it’d be perfect for a small wedding. I’m not sure if thats possible but it would be nice.

Funny, next week is Andrew and I’s 9 year dating anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 9 years. Time just flies by. And I wouldn’t want to be flying with anyone else but him <3


Capitol Planet

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I didn’t have much to do this weekend. Usually I’m busy running around with errands, home furniture shopping, or just catching up family and friends. This weekend had a little bit of that, but mostly just hanging out with Andrew and Frankie at home. It was nice. I was able to catch up on work but also watch some fun tutorials like this one from Lisa in the Arcanum.

I know on my blog I haven’t spoken much about it, but it’s a pretty big part of my photo life right now. Ever since I became a master in July, I feel I have grown so much as a photographer. I’m so grateful to be a part of such a great photo community to constantly push myself and see so much variety in images and creativity. One of the best parts is that I get to meet and hang out with people with the same interests as me all over the world! I love it! And seriously don’t know where I’d be without my cohort and the great Arcanum community.