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Washington Sunset

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One of the best places to catch the sunset in DC.

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Storm Approaching the Washington Monument

washington monument, storm, clouds, rain, jefferson memorial, washington monument, washington dc, travel, weather, america, usa, rain

Just one of the storms we experienced last week in the district. Love these clouds.


Tidal Basin Storm

tidal basin, jefferson memorial, washington monument, clouds, storm, rain, panoramic, pano, sidewalk, washington dc, america, usa

Another stormy panoramic in the city.



sunflowers, sunflower field, flowers, sunrise, clouds, weather, maryland, md, mckee beshers, wildlife, hdr, photography, photo, america, travel,

The flowers were loving the dryer weather this morning and so was I!


My Storm Chasing Photo Assistant

frankenstein, frankie, woopan, jefferson memorial, storm, clouds, rain, shih tzu, puppy, dog, washington dc

And he loves it!


Storm in Washington DC

monument, clouds, washington dc, clouds, storm, rain, thunder, flags, hdr, usa, america, capital

Lots of storms in DC lately. Has summer always been so stormy or is it just this year.


WWII Memorial Panoramic

wwii, memorial, panoramic, sunrise, fountain, washington monument, washington dc, travel, clouds, landscape

Image from last week at sunrise. Maybe you should start calling me Angela Panoramic :) Just kidding. But I’m loving these panoramic lately.


Great Falls After the Storm

great falls, park, state park, virginia, va, sunset, pano, storm, after, rain, clouds, weather

Last night’s storm was crazy! And so was the sunset. I rushed over to Great Falls as fast as I could and was lucky to catch the last bit of light.


Express Lube Car Wash

express lube, car wash, oil change, new york, brooklyn, clouds, july 4th, city, exploring, travel, building, architecture

Probably the coolest car wash I’ve ever seen.


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

san francisco, california, sunrise, golden gate bridge, clouds, boat, travel, usa, united states

A little throwback to 2010 when I was in San Francisco shooting the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise.