Lake Anna wasn’t all just water sports, I went shooting too! We’re super lucky that we stayed at this great rental property that overlooked Lake Anna. I naturally wake up early. I’m not sure if it’s from all the sunrises that I wake up for or waking up to feed Frankie, my internal clock is read more
Guess what! Tomorrow is my birthday! August 29th I’m one of those people who love celebrating birthdays and I always thought it was really cool that it’s also Michael Jackson’s birthday. Me and the king of pop. But going through Facebook and things I’ve noticed quite a few of my photo friends also celebrate their read more
This may have been about 10 minutes before I captured the lightning image. We were so incredibly lucky to get such an amazing sky for the meetup group last week. It couldn’t of been a better time. Drinks, friends, photography, and a gorgeous sky. So about the fun week I’m about to have. As you’re read more
I remember taking this a little bit before the 4th of July. Probably July 3rd or something. I remember because this guy stopped me while I on top of the Lincoln steps and told me he had just finished watching my tutorial on how to take firework pictures. I thought it was so cool that read more