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Good Night Lincoln

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Another day passes at the Lincoln Memorial.



zion, bridge, sunset, watchman, virgin river, visitor center, museum, utah, travel, trees, landscape, clouds, scenery, photo, trail

Best view of the sunset inside Zion National Park. This was taken right by the Zion Human History Museum on a bridge with tons of photographers lined up.


Fast Moving Clouds at the Washington Monument

washington monument, the monument, washington dc, the mall, national mall, reflecting pool, sunset, clouds, reflection, travel

Got this amazing view one evening at the Capitol. I had been there so many times, I was frantic trying to find a different view. That’s when I told myself that I had to stop, take a moment to breathe and something cool will come. I set my camera for a slow shutter speed and got these cool fast moving clouds looking as if they were ready to storm.


Utah at Sunset

utah, zion, sunset, clouds, landscape, tree, dirt, ut, travel, cliff

About an hour before I took this image. Sorry, I don’t remember where this was taken. I know it was outside of the park but can’t tell you exactly where. Any help?

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Bryce Canyon Tree

bryce canyon, national park, tree, branch, trunk, utah, travel, clouds,

One of the coolest things in Bryce was the trees. They were nothing like I’ve seen before with the roots going everywhere. I took this one while I was hiking up Inspiration Point.

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Traveling Again

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As you’re reading this, I’m on my way to Zion National Park! So excited to check out Utah. My first time ever.

Not sure what this image has anything to do with Zion, but I liked it anyways :)


Reflections in the Tidal Basin

jefferson, tidal basin, reflection, washington dc, early morning, light, monument, national mall, washington dc, tour, clouds, potomac

Early morning light over the Jefferson Memorial made for a beautiful reflection in the Tidal Basin.


WWII Fountains

wwii memorial, fountains, lincoln, memorial, washington dc, clouds, storm, water, tour, national mall

Happy Columbus day. Any plans? I think I may go out and try to find some good Columbus day sales. Over the weekend I was out taking pictures of the clouds. Whats new?


Washington DC Storm

reflecting pool, washington dc, washington monument, storm, clouds, hdr, trees, perspective, blue, travel usa, united states, capitol

It was fun watching the clouds roll in. They were looking pretty fierce and I was getting ready to run to my car as soon as it started to pour but it never came. A light sprinkle here and there but cleared up in a few hours. My kinda rain!


Vietnam Veterans Memorial

vietnam, veterans, memorial, washington dc, travel, clouds, storm, reflection, washington monument, travel, usa, vietnam war,

Kind of appropriate that it was so stormy above the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.