So I had to leave my family’s harvest moon dinner celebration a little early to capture this image. It’s ok, I’m not the biggest fan of Chinese food but my dad kept on insisting that there wasn’t going to be a moon because of the clouds. I left anyways and was determined to get a great read more
Hey California! I’m here!! I had a great time at dinner with my cousins Jeff and Leslie last night. Now looking forward to meeting up with photo friends and spending the week in San Francisco Three things I’m grateful for this week: 1. California love
Last week I met up with my friend, Jason for sunrise pics at the Lincoln Memorial. But when we got there, there had to have been at least 50 people working out in some kind of workout group. It was fun to watch but we weren’t there to photograph them, we were there for the read more
Happy Labor Day! Whenever I think of labor day, I always think of the beginning of school. What about you? What do you think of? I had a great weekend. I was with my friends, families and people I love most. What could be better?
Lake Anna wasn’t all just water sports, I went shooting too! We’re super lucky that we stayed at this great rental property that overlooked Lake Anna. I naturally wake up early. I’m not sure if it’s from all the sunrises that I wake up for or waking up to feed Frankie, my internal clock is read more