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A showcase of my daily happenings with my camera.


  • Its been years since my last visit to the @usbotanicgarden. I almost forgot how beautiful it is 🍀
  • Land of fire and ice 💦
  • Saturday morning around 4:55a. I wasnt always a morning person but about 7 years ago I made the decision to  start dragging my butt out of bed just to witness the start of a new day. I am so grateful for beautiful mornings like this but especially this past weekend when around 70 other photographers joined me on a walk around @thenationalmall . Thank you all so much for attending. It was a day that will be hard to forget. #thatfogthou! And thank you @focus_onthe_story for such an amazing photo festival and weekend.
  • See you tomorrow morning at 5:20a on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for the #FOTSfest18 photowalk. All cameras are welcome as we enjoy a beautiful morning on the National Mall. Make sure to use #FOTSwalk18 so we can share what we have created. Cant wait to hang ✌🏻📸🍩.PS Congrats Caps!