Yesterday was great! Food was fantastic and had a great time with family and friends. Back again for round 2 today
Everyday I wake up and I feel like I’m the luckiest person ever. I’m surround by people who give me unconditional love and support in everything that I do. I have a super hot husband and the cutest puppy ever. I have so much to be grateful for but most of all I’m happy that read more
Soooo pumped for Thanksgiving. This is the agenda for today: – lots of cardio – last minute grocery shopping – dinner and drinks with my closest girlfriends for friendsgiving.
I have to be honest. I’ve already started hibernating for the winter. It’s been so cold out lately. I hardly want to go outside and get the mail, let alone take Frankie out on a walk. Anyone else experiencing the same?
When you think of Washington DC, you usually think of government, politics and a serious city life. However if you live in the area, you know its much more than that. The United States capital is such a vibrant, walkable city that’s great for locals and tourists a like. Theres so much to do, eat, read more
I thought of another story from Taiwan! One morning my mom and I were walking through an university. I can’t think of the name now or how we ended up there but it was a beautiful campus and we stumbled upon a couple of graduates. They were standing in front of this beautiful building, all read more