water flow

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I took this image a few years ago. I don’t remember the exact date but I do remember what I was thinking while I was taking it.

First, I remember it being really cold and freezing my butt of on a rock with my camera and tripod. Second, I remember being obsessed with the light. But I think at that time I didn’t know why or what about it that I loved so much. I just remember being so hypnotized that I couldn’t even blink, you know the kind where you just keep on staring and staring. You know that you need to turn away, but you just can’t.

And then when I got home I didn’t like the image. I think it was because I didn’t know how to edit it properly to what I saw. Now that some years have passed and I’ve gotten better at post processing that I can now accurately depict the amazing flow of water, light and rhythms crashing in front of me. I loves it and it’s crazy how just looking at an image can bring back so many emotions.