taipei 101

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Taking my parents to the airport today so they can go to Taiwan. Without me 🙁

Here’s a view from Elephant Mountain last time I was there. This image is special to me because its a place I remember visiting from when I was younger. My grandparents used to live close to this trail and my grandfather used to walk up and down this mountain everyday for years. Pretty incredible. Also it must be the secret to a long life because he just celebrated his 100th birthday earlier this year. Hope to see you soon, Gong Gong!

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When I go to Taiwan I love to get my hair washed at the hair salon. You can’t do that in the states without getting a haircut or something but you can get your hair washed for less than $5 USD. It’s like a hair wash and head massage all at the same time and I LOVE getting my head massaged. So really it’s a dream and then have they blow dry and style your hair for you after all is done.

This one particular time I was talking to the guy who was washing my hair, just small talk stuff but he could tell I’m not from Taiwan. He asked where I was from and I said America. He immediately goes “ohh Kobe Bryant!” and I was like, “yes Kobe Bryant! Do you know how to say anything else in English?” He didn’t. HAHA

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Home from my trip to Taiwan. I had such a great time visiting my grandparents and hanging out with my mom and extended family. But I’m also glad to be home. By the way, when did it get so cold?

This particular image was taken one night on top of Elephant Mountain. Shout out to my mom for climbing up all those steep steps with me. She really didn’t have to do it but she loves me and likes going out to take pictures with me 🙂 My grandparents used to live really close to here and I even remembered climbing up the same steps when I was younger. My mom told me that my grandfather used do this climb everyday as exercise. That must be the secret to a healthy life because he’s 99 years old!