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Let the meltdown begin! After a week’s worth of snow I can officially say now that I’m ready for things to get back to normal.

Here are 3 things I was grateful for this week:

1. Snow day fun
2. Reminiscing on my fun in Chinatown in this video
3. Started watching a new show, Mr. Robot. Have you guys seen it? It’s sooo good so far. When does the second season come out?

All photos available for print and licensing >

I finally broke free!!! I got out of the house but everything after that was a little crazy. I picked up my friend, Sue and we headed to DC. All smooth sailing until we had to find a parking spot. All my usual parking spots were still covered in snow. Then it was walking through all the snow. I started breaking a sweat by the time we got to the Monument. At one point Sue and I had to walk one-behind-another in order to keep from falling. But I fell. Sue turned around and saw me all in the snow. She fell from laughing at me so hard. It was hilarious. Then I got stuck in my driveway 3 different ways. No more driving for me until all the snow melts. Ill be a metro rider from now on.

All photos available for print and licensing >

So that was an exciting weekend. Snowzilla hit our area hard and I’m so thankful all my family and friends are home and safe.

This was taken Friday as the blizzard started happening in Chinatown. I have quite a few more images to go through so being snowed in gives me the perfect opportunity to look through them all. I could of done it this weekend, but I was busy laying around (to be honest).