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I be dronin’. LOL.

We had gorgeous weather here in Virginia over the Thanksgiving weekend. What could be better than spending that time outdoors? So Andrew and I decided to grab the drone and practice flying. Checking out the maps, we decided to go to Reston. I was looking forward to capturing some lake images but once I got to our location, it was the trees that really caught my attention. I can not believe that it is almost December and the trees are still this colorful and hanging on. It seems kinda late doesn’t it?

Either way, I loved the way my very first drone image turned out. It’s actually a small piece of a larger image but that word “slow” really caught my attention. With some fancy cropping and rotating, I came up with this.

Practicing my flying skills is always a good thing, but I also need to practice my composition skills with the new point of view. It’s a totally new way to see the world and I need to know when to fly up higher or get down low and when there’s too much in the frame. I think that was my problem when I viewed the images on my computer. There’s just too much going on and you have no idea what to focus on.

Regardless, I’m loving my mavic. Every opportunity I get, I want to fly. I was even showing Andrew how to fly too. He didn’t take any pics but I bet if he did, it would some how turn out blurry. He’s just that good. LOL

My camera settings for this image is F2.2 at 1/100th of a second and ISO 100 with my DJI Mavic Pro. Now that I think of it, I need to update my gear page with my new flying camera 🙂

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Last week I was out shooting the sunset. The sunset was spectacular but I wasn’t in a very good spot to photograph it. I was kinda down and was ready to head back to my car. But then I turned around and saw this amazing glow on the Washington Monument. It looks like a sword in the sky, doesn’t it?

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It was the deep contrast between the dark background and amazingly beautiful tulips that initially attracted me to this scene. I just love it when the spot light is on the colors and nothing else.

Have you read A New Earth? I’m currently rereading it now and the first chapter of the book has this beautiful description of flowers. I’d highly recommend you read it. Not just the first chapter, but the whole book.

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Already over the cold weather. Can we just skip winter and go straight to spring? Actually we need one good snow storm and then it can go to spring. K thx.

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Usually when I’m out shooting, I’m by myself. Which I don’t mind because then I can fully concentrate on what I’m doing. But this time Andrew and Frankie came out with me. I always feel like it’s a special treat when I can have my guys come out with me. Although, they’re not really with me most of the time. Frankie’s usually sniffing around somewhere looking for a stick to play with while Andrew’s on his phone reading about sport highlights. By the time all this color came out, I made both of them stop to appreciate. Only one of them listened.

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Last week I met up with a few friends to shoot the sunset. I was so glad they were down for anything because it started to pour! Like every inch of my body was wet from the rain. And of course, I didn’t bring an umbrella or any kind of protective gear. But it was still a blast! We spent half the time taking shelter in the Lincoln Memorial and with a quick break in the rain, I was able to capture this crazy sky.