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I didn’t have much to do this weekend. Usually I’m busy running around with errands, home furniture shopping, or just catching up family and friends. This weekend had a little bit of that, but mostly just hanging out with Andrew and Frankie at home. It was nice. I was able to catch up on work but also watch some fun tutorials like this one from Lisa in the Arcanum.

I know on my blog I haven’t spoken much about it, but it’s a pretty big part of my photo life right now. Ever since I became a master in July, I feel I have grown so much as a photographer. I’m so grateful to be a part of such a great photo community to constantly push myself and see so much variety in images and creativity. One of the best parts is that I get to meet and hang out with people with the same interests as me all over the world! I love it! And seriously don’t know where I’d be without my cohort and the great Arcanum community.