Inner Harbor

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Just got home from a quick get-away with Andrew and Frankie in Baltimore. It was nice to do something different over the weekend. We’re usually running a whole bunch house errands or have some kind of social event. This weekend we took the time for ourselves and spent some great quality time together.

This was on top Federal Hill right before we left. It was crazy windy and I’m so appreciated of my guys for hanging out with me while I was out doing what I love. But the last stop was Jack and Zach Food. Seriously the best pancakes ever.

Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland

An amazing sunrise this morning at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. I even got 3 “good morning”s from people on the street. That’s 3 more than I usually get in DC! No wonder it’s called “Charm City”

This would of been a great shot for panormaic! Too bad I didn’t think of it until just now 🙁