george washington parkway

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If you saw a crazy girl running with her hair everywhere and a tripod in her hand along the parkway, that was me. I was so late to this sunrise. I always forget about traffic now that the sun rises so much later in the day. I was pretty much jumping up and down in the driver seat all the way down GW Parkway to get to Roosevelt Island. Glad I was still able to catch some of the color before it faded.

All photos available for print and licensing >

A little bit before the fireworks started on July 4th, the boats and were getting ready to catch the best view of the city. I was standing close to the George Washington Parkway along with thousands of other people. I remember that night being kinda foggy and with the smoke coming from the fireworks, it made for a really interesting show.

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In an effort to explore new places with my camera, I was on the GW parkway this weekend. This was at Gravelly Point Park. A place I remember visiting a lot when I was in high school but haven’t really been back since.

It’s a nice area with a lot of families picnicking and lots of people running and biking along the trail. As far as taking panoramic views, I think I should of gone a little further down the trail. Either way, I think this is a cool vantage point of Reagan airport. Trying to capture the planes landing at sunset? Now, that took a little more patience.