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Home from sunny, hot, humid Florida. We spent most of the time at the beach which was perfectly located right across the street from our hotel. When it got too hot we’d either take a dip in the ocean or go back and get a drinky drink from our room.

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This post is a long time coming. Over a month ago, I went to St. George State Park in Flordia and attended a night photography workshop with Jesse Summers.

Even though my hand swelled to double its size from all the mosquito bites I got, I had a freaking blast! It was so much fun to stay up all night and just watch and photograph the night sky. I had never seen the milky way in real life before. So it was really amazing to have such a clear night to witness it.

I have to admit, I’ve tried to rework this image about 5 times. Night photography ain’t easy! Let me know what you think 🙂