false cape

false cape, state park, virginia, travel, hdr, landscape, photography, photo, trees, angela b. pan, abpan,

As I was walking around the park, I noticed the people there taking pictures of the sunset. Despite the one image I got of it, I couldn’t really find another compelling composition. I noticed these trees on the other side of this little swamp and thought they looked so pretty. I spent a few minutes trying to come up with a peaceful composition and after I took it, I thought to myself “that is so ME”! I love taking pics with most of the subject on the bottom 3rd of the image with a beautiful sky.

false cape, virginia, state park, water, inlet, sunset, landscape, hdr, travel, photography, photo, angela b. pan, abpan,

False Cape is another Virginia State Parks in the Virginia Beach area and this place is pretty perfect place for sunsets. It’s hard to say that about any place on the East Coast but it’s this little inlet of land that has water on both sides. So, capturing a beautiful sunset is dependent on mother nature.

Thanks so much to Virginia State Parks who provided me with lodging so that I was able to visit these incredible parks in the VA beach area.