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Before leaving to Japan I googled “largest camera store in Tokyo”. Which lead me to here, Yodobashi. This isn’t just a camera equipment store, this megastore is amazing, overwhelming and awesome all at the same time. I mean you can tell just by looking at the escalators.

So each floor is dedicated to a particular electronic. The first floor was all cellphones, the second was computers, etc. Finally the 5th floor (but not the last floor of the department store) was the camera gear. I don’t know why, but I was kind of nervous. Maybe just excited nervous. But I really wanted to see if Japan had anything different than what I could purchase in America. The only real differences I saw was in the accessories, not really the camera gear itself. They had rows and rows full of tripods, rows and rows full of photo apparel, so many photo albums and framing ideas. It was a little nuts but extremely happy I got to see it in real life.