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In an effort to explore new places with my camera, I was on the GW parkway this weekend. This was at Gravelly Point Park. A place I remember visiting a lot when I was in high school but haven’t really been back since.

It’s a nice area with a lot of families picnicking and lots of people running and biking along the trail. As far as taking panoramic views, I think I should of gone a little further down the trail. Either way, I think this is a cool vantage point of Reagan airport. Trying to capture the planes landing at sunset? Now, that took a little more patience.

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There have been so many times when I’ve gone to the airport super early in the morning (because of an early flight) and saw the sunrise from these ceiling to floor windows. The problem is, I always pack my camera or I’m rushing to my flight and theres not enough time to get a cool pic. I’ve kept it in the back of mind to go so I thought today would be a perfect day since there weren’t any clouds in the sky at sunrise.