botanical garden

weeping cherry blossoms, meadowlark, botanical garden, flora

We’ve all know the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin (or if you follow my blog regularly, you definitely know them), but have you heard of weeping cherry blossoms? I hadn’t heard of them until after one day towards the end of the cherry blossom season when Navin told me about them. I thought it sounded really cool and it was a coincidence the very next day, I go to Meadowlark Botanical Garden and they were in full bloom. They are so beautiful!

meadowlark, botanical garden, lake, sunset, trees, reflection, hdr, landscape, angela b. pan, abpan

This past weekend was pretty confusing. The weather called for rain/thunderstorm the whole weekend. I had big plans to stay home and stay cozy, but there was not a drop in sight. Instead we got these awesome looking rain clouds but not the rain. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

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