abstract landscape

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Over the weekend I was excited to visit the Artechouse. A brand new exhibition space in southwest DC with this really cool interactive art exhibit called XYZT: Abstract Landscapes. If I had to describe it, I’d say it was more like a playground for light. For example, this wall that I’m standing in front of is all black. But when you wave your hand or body in front of it, it turns white wherever the sensors pick up your motion. In reality, I had my back turned to the camera, waved my arms around for a little bit and then turned to my profile so that this image could be taken with the white shown behind my head. We did this a few times. Some of the attempts went horribly bad, but that’s the fun of it LOL.

Other parts of the exhibit included some light fun on the floor where you can walk and lines of light would turn into what looked like splashes of water or prickly cactuses. I think out of all of the different experiences our favorites was the enclosed space in the very back. There were all these random letters floating everywhere on a clear wall and if you did a motion like you were opening curtains, then all the letters would fly away. It was very cool and very matrix-like if that makes any sense at all.

So if you’re planning on visiting, I’d go soon. It’s only a temporary exhibit until the fall. Then I’m sure something another else equally as awesome will take it’s place.

The whole space itself was really dark so my camera settings for this image was ISO 5000 f/3.5 at 1/250th of a second.

PS. Happy Fry Day! My favorite food holiday. You already know it’s been marked in my calendar for some time now and what I’ll be eating alllllll day today 🙂