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I was lucky enough to be able to spend a great few days in Cozumel, Mexico last year. The main purpose of the trip was scuba diving, but you know me. I had to bring my camera along. It was pretty cool though because the taxi driver who took us to this spot said that the police guarding the beach saw a turtle about 10 minutes before we arrived laying eggs. Would of been so cool to see that but it was amazing to see the imprint that it left.

sunrise, cancun, mexico, landscape, angela b. pan, abpan, hdr, landscape, clouds, sun,

Ya’ll know I had to get a sunrise pic 🙂
So, the last day I was there I woke up early and headed down to the beach. At first, I didn’t think it was really anything special. Then I saw the sun peak over the horizon and started heading for the clouds. I thought I’d wait a little bit longer to see what would happen and it was AMAZING! The sun started peaking out around the clouds and rays of light were streaming everywhere!

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sunset, clouds, cancun, mexico, travel, landscape, hdr, beach, angela b. pan

The first day we arrived in Cancun it rained a little bit. Not much to ruin our day, but it created some huge waves and left the sky really cloudy. I was hoping to get a nice sunset, but the clouds weren’t having it. It’s all good though because clouds look amazing in HDR. I love the drama that they bring.

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