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I was really hesitant to go out last night for sunset. Its just been so hot and humid. I tend to prefer to stay comfortable in the AC than sweating like a hog beast outside.  So glad I changed my mind. The sunset was amazing and the lightning afterwards was even better! I’ll be sure to post more from this night as I work on them 🙂

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Along the GW Parkway there are these beautiful willow trees everywhere. I love watching them blow in the wind. It seems like they’d be the perfect spot for a picnic or even to just cuddle up and read. Do you think so? Or have I just been watching way to much tv lately that I’m getting these fantasy, dream-like visions of willow trees in my head?

This was my first time visiting George Washington’s Home, Mt. Vernon. To be honest, I never really knew where it was. Turns out, it’s only 25 min away from my house. I knew it was going to be historical and educational but while I was walking through, I really enjoyed my time there. Everyone was really friendly, they were willing to help me find where I was going and answer any random question I had. I think one of the best parts was at the end in the Education center. Did you know when Mr. Washington was inaugurated he only had 1 tooth in his mouth? Crazy, but interesting!

This blacksmith was in the middle of making a 100 boot stands that cleans the bottom of your boot, in the olden days.

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