It’s like Bob Ross for Photoshop… but with better hair.

Every time I share an image on social media, half the people want to know where I took the shot. The other half want to know how I edited it.  This is your chance to edit with me as if you were sitting next to me as I process this image. Luckily for you, you don’t have to come with me, you can watch this video at your own home at your own time.

The reason why I’m doing this:

For years now I’ve been known as a HDR photographer. I still get questions and comments about it all the time. Yes, I started out doing HDR photography because I thought it would be the fastest way for me to get the kind of results I was looking for. Although I still think it’s a beautiful art form, I found it to be overdone sometimes. Some software programs would even add artifacts to the image that were extremely difficult to take out when printing and processing times are long using multiple programs.

Photoshop isn’t designed to make something look unreal. I’m using photoshop in the way I see it. To represent what I saw with my naked eye that a camera just can’t capture on it’s own.

I haven’t processed a HDR photo since 2014.

I’ve grown so much as a person and artist since then and because of that I have found that my taste in photography has also changed. I still use some of the same practices such as AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) and using a tripod whenever I shoot – some habits are hard to give up. But now it’s time to let go of the title and show you what I’ve been doing for the past two years.

The only software program I use is photoshop. I’ve spent hundreds of hours refining and perfecting the way I accomplish my images and have produced images I am super proud of.

So now is the time to break out of my HDR shell and show you everything.

Watch me work through this night image step by step in photoshop with my new processing style. Not only do I show you which filters, adjustments and settings I use, I show you how to work the image step-by-step. Why I do what I do and discuss key points and techniques for you to look out for when editing your own images. No, it’s not formal instruction. The video is intended for inspiration.  Trust me, I’m just like you. I’m a visual learner. I learn so much better when people demonstrate things and I can watch it be done step-by-step at my own pace.  So join me while I edit this image for only $15.

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This is not a photoshop tutorial. It’s designed for photographers who already have a background in photoshop and its tools. If you know photoshop, it’s time to step into my studio.

Programs I use:
– Photoshop CS6
– Adobe Camera Raw
– Google Nik Collection
Luminosity Masks

For $15 you will get a 20 minute video.
-Details on my camera settings
-Step-by-step of everything I do in photoshop including filters and other adjustments
-Theories and reasonings to why I edit my images the way I do
-Basically EVERYTHING I do for my images. Nothing held back.

“I had thought that you were still combining your bracketed photos for processing but in the new video it shows much clearer that you don`t combine but pick out a single photo to process. I am still learning to use nik software so i`m struggling a bit with results but your video`s were very helpful in their usage.” – Michael T.

“I am truly a beginner so hearing you describe and connecting the editing with the feeling of the moment you took the photo is invaluable. “ – Roman A

My goal is for you to use photoshop to edit your images. So they can be the most eye catching, brilliant images it can be.  Whether you want to break out of your artistic shell or just need a little inspiration, you will see that photography (especially post processing) is super fun. It will bring the things you see in real life into an image and convey the emotions and feelings you felt while capturing them. You will change your perspective about editing and help you convey emotions and feelings into your image. In the end, I hope you’ll say to yourself, “hot damn, I’m an artist!”

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I must admit that I’m not a photoshop expert. There are so many different ways to do the same things in photoshop that it can be intimidating to learn them all. Here’s the way that I do it. Watch it and use the same processes on your own images. I’m sure you’ll also evolve from it in creating your own style. This is meant to be more inspiration than anything else.

Once you’ve purchased the video, paypal will automatically email you the video. The entire video is 20 minutes long. Please let me know what you think, if you’d like to see more of these or if you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]. Enjoy <3

Easy, secure payments through paypal. 

Warning: This video is intended for those of you who are already comfortable with photoshop. I go through all my settings and reasonings behind it pretty quickly. You should already know how to do the basics.

Here’s a super quick preview: