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The reason why we were in San Diego was to hop on a bus, cross the boarder, and head into Mexico to hop on a boat. This boat took us to Isla Guadalupe where theres a huge population of GREAT WHITE SHARKS!! Yes, GREAT WHITE SHARKS! It was awesome! Not much going on land, but so much fun and adventure 40-250ft below.

By the way, I had the best weekend of my life this past weekend. I’m officially married to my best friend <3

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I was lucky enough to be able to spend a great few days in Cozumel, Mexico last year. The main purpose of the trip was scuba diving, but you know me. I had to bring my camera along. It was pretty cool though because the taxi driver who took us to this spot said that the police guarding the beach saw a turtle about 10 minutes before we arrived laying eggs. Would of been so cool to see that but it was amazing to see the imprint that it left.