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Visiting the National Mall and want to know all the best places to take pictures?

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What is Snap DC?

If you’ve ever thought about photographing the Nation’s Capitol and wondered:

"Where can I get the most awe-inspiring images of the most iconic monuments and memorials in Washington?"

Snap DC is the guide that will show you all the iconic locations plus the hidden gems that only locals know about.

I've been photographing the Washington DC area for over 10 years and I've learned there's a right way and wrong way to photograph the city. With over 25 million people visiting the National Mall every year, I’ve learned the best times of day that will get you the least amount of people in your shots, where you should be at sunrise or sunset and even the best parking spots for these locations.

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How Snap DC can help you

Yes, there are articles online that can help you piece all these locations together but this book is the definitive guide to get all that and more in just one place.

This book contains many helpful maps and an overview of the area so you get a good sense of the area before you even step foot on the National Mall.

Plus I’ve included plenty of composition ideas for each location and every image is labeled with camera settings and camera equipment.

No fluff, it's just down to the point to get you to take photographs you can be proud of.

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About the Author

Angela B. Pan - award-winning DC photographer

SNAP DC, Your Guide to Taking Extraordinary Photos of the National Mall and Beyond, Angela’s first published volume of photographs and insights for the lay and professional picture-taker, Angela has worked with industry leaders Lionsgate, Apple, The Washington Post, Rosewood Escapes, Loews Hotels, Kaiser Permanente, and The White House Historical Association, among others, to craft dynamic images in print. She was voted “Best Visual Artist” in Washington, D.C., by the Washington City Paper 2 years in a row.

Angela B Pan has been taking pictures in the Washington DC area since 2011. Her passion and hands on experience of photographing her hometown city has culminated in creating this book. You will feel inspired, excited and ready to take some of the best pictures you’ve ever taken.

Overview of Chapters

This book was written for people that want to take fabulous photos of Washington DC and the National Mall in a short amount of time.

Read Chapter 1
  • Chapter 1: Lincoln Memorial
    Whenever someone tells me they are visiting Washington DC for the first time, this is the first place I tell them to go.
  • Chapter 2: War Memorials
    The Washington DC war memorials are truly the most inspiring memorials in the entire city.
  • Chapter 3: Washington Monument
    The most iconic landmark in Washington DC, the Washington Monument. It’s hard to avoid this massive monument, so learn how you can get some unique images.
  • Chapter 4: Tidal Basin
    Hard to go wrong with a beautiful evening walk around the Tidal Basin. Plus a little added Cherry Blossom section because this is when the city really comes alive.
  • Chapter 5: Memorial Gardens
    If you’re anything like me and spring is your favorite season to capture images, then you won’t want to skip this chapter!
  • Chapter 6: Government Buildings
    Get the 411 on what it’s like photographing the United States Capitol, White House and my personal favorite interior the Library of Congress. Seriously, you do not want to miss the Library of Congress.
  • Chapter 7: Outside the Mall
    Washington DC is not just the National Mall. There are so many beautiful places outside of the mall to photograph including the Rock Creek Park, the United States Arboretum and stepping a little outside of the city into Arlington, VA where you’ll find the the United States Marine Corps Memorial and the United States Air Force Memorial

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