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Spring is my favorite time to be in DC. Why? Because of cherry blossoms of course. The city seems to come alive when these flowers start to bloom and if you’re not from around here, it may be a little difficult to navigate. So here are my best tips to enjoying the DC cherry blossoms

The most popular place to see the trees are at the Tidal Basin.

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Great way to spend the day!

Parking will be very limited so my suggestion would be either metro or go really early in the morning.

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And by early, I mean sunrise

The closest metro stop to the Tidal Basin is “Smithsoninan” which is cool because you can also see the cherry blossoms by the Washington Monument on your way there.

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Cherry blossoms everywhere!

And it gets packed pretty quickly, so thats another good reason to go as early as possible

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This isn’t even half of the half…

But no matter how early you go, there will always be other people out

O Hai Thar!

O Hai!

Other viewing spots include, the US Capitol

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Not as many but still cool to see

and my favorite super secret spot, behind the Smithsonian Castle at the Moongate Garden

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You can’t see any memorials from back here but you will see the Cherry Blossoms with a smaller crowd

Hope you found these tips useful. If you have any other questions, put them in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer your.

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Another image just for kicks 🙂

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  • Cheryl Day

    I can just imagine that the air is filled with the perfume of the blossoms.

  • It’s so fragrant but not as fun for people who have allergies

  • Steve Purnell

    I’m a Samarai Lepraucan, so I love Cherry trees
    and clover. I planted a Royal Rainbow Shower Tree in my front yard because it blooms like a Cherry tree. I used a free app. “Cozy Magnifier” to extend the range of my lens, like a macro lens. Check it out you might add it to your photo quiver. Shoot pictures like cupid arrows. Lovely