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Monument Flags

washington monument, pencil, monument, tallest building in dc, washington dc, sunrise, flags, american flags, weather, architecture, landscape, cityscape, angela b pan

When I was little, I used to always call the Washington Monument the “pencil”. Anyone else used to call it that? HAHA


Cherry Blossom Pagoda

cherry blossoms, pagoda, japanese, japan, flowers, spring, washington dc, rocks, landscape, landscaping, travel, sunrise, tidal basin, festival

A little Japanese corner by the tidal basin during the cherry blossoms festival.


Rainbow in Sedona, AZ

rain, rainbow, clouds, sedona, arizona, az, red rocks, travel, landscape, clouds
Rain and a rainbow all in one shot. Pretty cool, especially for Arizona.

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Beautiful Washington Monument Sunrise

washington monument, sunrise, clouds, washington dc, weather, grass, landscape,

Taken just a few minutes before this image.


Lincoln Memorial at Sunset in Washington DC

lincoln memorial, sunset, wwii memorial, washington dc, travel, sky, orange, sunset, landscape, hdr, water fountain

Over the weekend, I was leading a workshop at the WWII memorial at sunset. We packed up our bags and was headed to the car when I noticed some color in the sky. We turned around and the sky was bursting with orange from behind the Lincoln Memorial. We just had to stop and enjoy the view :)


National Shrine, Washington DC

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, washington dc, sunrise, travel, landscape, light

Just some test shots for future visits to the National Shrine. I’ve never been there before, but I was very impressed by the architecture and grandness of the shrine.


Great Falls on the Maryland Side Waterfall

great falls, maryland, waterfall, trees, woods, md, travel, landscape,

I spend most of my time on other Virginia side of Great Falls. My instinct is to say its better and prettier on that side, but that doesn’t mean Maryland doesn’t have its own beauty.

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Snow at the Tidal Basin

tidal basin, washington dc, snow, frozen, water, tree, path, travel, landscape, winter, washington dc, dc

Here’s hoping for a lot of snow today in DC!!


The Lincoln Memorial at Sunset in Washington DC

lincoln memorial, sunset, washington dc, stairs, landscape, travel, historical monument, national mall, angela b pan, abpan, photo, travel

There’s always a ton of tourists at the Lincoln memorial during sunset. It’s nearly impossible to get an image without them. Sometimes they can add to the image though. I thought there was a bird by the columns while I was post processing but when I zoomed up a little closer, realized it was a guy with his hands in the air. HAHA!


Great Falls Snow

great falls, snow, early morning, sunrise, mather gorge, virginia, va, pink, landscape

Beautiful morning at Great Falls Park. It was so exciting to watch the sky change colors and to see the water rushing through the snow covered rocks.