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Fog at the Tidal Basin

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Another beautiful foggy night at the Tidal Basin. I took this image last week, not now. Theres still a lot of snow and ice everywhere.


White Tree

snow, tree, washington dc, #Closefcps, tree, washington monument, washington dc, weather, white, landscape, visit, winter

Finally!!! Some snow!!! Can we all stand up and start doing our snow dance so we can get some more?

Although, I don’t think my coupe likes it very much.


Redo of a Manassas Tree

manassas, virginia, tree, visitor center, battle field, national park, virginia, va, sunrise, tree, landscape, nature

I was going through some old images and ran across this one. The first time I processed it, it was horribly HDR’ed with unbelievable color and was just overall hard to look at.


Zion Tip

zion, utah, landscape, sunrise, clouds, travel, tours, watchmen, utah

Just another sunrise in Zion National Park. I turned around as I was taking pictures of the Tower of Virgins and noticed the beautiful light being cast upon these rocks. The whole thing wasn’t so lively so decided to just shoot the tippity top.

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zion, bridge, sunset, watchman, virgin river, visitor center, museum, utah, travel, trees, landscape, clouds, scenery, photo, trail

Best view of the sunset inside Zion National Park. This was taken right by the Zion Human History Museum on a bridge with tons of photographers lined up.


Slide Rock State Park, Arizona

arizona, az, slide rock, state park, reflection, fall, travel, landscape,

Going through some older photos. Here’s one I never processed from Slide Rock State Park in Arizona. I had a great time in Sedona and hope to go again someday.


Arlington National Cemetery in the Autumn Time

arlington, va, virginia, graves, tombstones, trees, color, autumn, fall, sun, landscape, pattern, va, virginia,

Another image from Arlington National Cemetery. So glad I was able to take capture this historic place with so many colorful trees. It’s always been on my list to photograph at this time of year, but it never happened.


Utah at Sunset

utah, zion, sunset, clouds, landscape, tree, dirt, ut, travel, cliff

About an hour before I took this image. Sorry, I don’t remember where this was taken. I know it was outside of the park but can’t tell you exactly where. Any help?

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Home from Utah

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Home from an amazing time in Utah for a few days. Did I miss anything while I was gone?


DC Drives

leaves, fall, autumn, changing colors, rock, landscape, virginia, va, travel,

As I was taking these pictures, I was thinking to myself how fortunate I am to live in Virginia. Here’s what I mean, I can drive 20 minutes east and be in the most powerful city in the world. I can drive 1 hour west and be in one of the most amazing national parks in the country and see beautiful leaves like these.

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