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On my quest to take more cherry blossom images this year, I thought I’d leave this one for you for the weekend. This image was taken in 2012.  This is what the cherry blossoms should look like. Beautiful puffy white clouds along these delicate, windy branches. A glorious morning only shared by those who didn’t mind waking up before the sun. Ripples along the water created by a bird, a duck or slight gust of wind.

LOL I can’t keep a straight face anymore. I tried to be poetic. I’ll stop now.

Yea… So I took this in 2012, I have another version of this here but this one is a brand new one. I did not process it until now. The first time I processed the original image it was in HDR. For some reason it created all these unnecessary lines and colors along the branches called chromatic aberration. Trust me it is a pain in the B-U-T-T to get rid of. Man. I think it took me almost 3 days of fixing before I could get it just right for a client to print. So this version is vertical and it’s a little bit of a different point of view. The colors are definietly not as saturated but I much prefer this version. What about you? Which one do you prefer? Here’s the link again to the first one. 

If you’re wondering, I stopped processing my images using HDR a while ago. I just realized I was spending all this unnecessary time processing and editing that I didn’t have to be. I am really enjoying my workflow now which is only photoshop. Nothing else. If you’re interested in learning more about it, check out my video here.

Have a great weekend everyone. May the flowers be dancing above your head like the cherry blossoms in 2012 were. LOL.

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Preparing for our trip to Tokyo this weekend! I can’t wait. We have a few plans already like a reservation to the Robot Restaurant. If you haven’t seen that Anthony  Bourdain episode of Japan, you totally should check it out! It looks trippy. Otherwise, I’ve been busy preparing blog posts for while I’m gone. So even though I’ll be away, it will be like I never left 🙂 I also plan on updating my instagram with some behind the scene travel images, so follow me there if you aren’t already.

This image is from my trip to Iceland a few years ago. Preparing blog posts for Japan made me go back through some older travel photos. I this one is particularly cool with all the shilouttes.


YAY Its March! Hopefully this month’s wallpapers will warm ya up a bit.

Tap and hold to save phone wallpapers, or click on the link below the desktop wallpaper to download the high-res version!


December-Wallpaper Download_Angela B PanMarch-Wallpaper Download_Angela B Pan


March-Wallpaper Download_Angela B Pan



March-Wallpaper Download_Angela B Pan



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Last night I went the Redskins game and had a blast. I was screaming, dancing and basically having the best time ever. Too bad we wont be going to the Super Bowl this year but I’m glad I got to experience a playoff game smile emoticon ‪#‎httr‬

BTW if you want to see what it was like, I snapchatted the whole thing: abpanphoto

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Those little white dots in the middle of this field in Iceland are sheep. HAHA They’re so teeny tiny here but when you meet them in real life they are big and pretty nonchalant about things. They don’t pay you any attention until you get super close to try to pet them. Trust me, I know from experience. Keep away from the sheep…

Wait a minute, can you even see them?

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