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sedona, arizona, az, rain, red rocks, landscape, travel, color, blue, cathedral rock, bell rock

Reworked this image of the Sedona. Yes, I said the Sedona.


Lion over DC

lion, statue, dc, sunset, capital, streaks, landscape, unique

Just presiding over its land.

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Great Falls Storm

great falls, storm, rain, thunder, lightening, virgina, va, park, state park, water, waterfall, hdr, landscape

Another one from the stormy night at Great Falls Park.


WWII Memorial Panoramic

wwii, memorial, panoramic, sunrise, fountain, washington monument, washington dc, travel, clouds, landscape

Image from last week at sunrise. Maybe you should start calling me Angela Panoramic :) Just kidding. But I’m loving these panoramic lately.


Sunflower Fields

sunflowers, maryland, sunset, landscape, mckee beshers, field,

Looking forward to shooting more sunflowers this year at Mckee Beshers

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Great Falls Park, Virginia

great falls park, great falls, virginia state park, va, sunrise, waterfall, rocks, landscape

If you’re interested in learning more about my post processing, I have a video tutorial where I edit this image and show you everything I do, step-by-step.

Click here to see more info


Foggy Sunrise in Manassas, Virginia

manassas, virginia, battlefield, va, park, trees, fog, sunrise, landscape,

The weather called for fog and I wanted to do something a little different. Instead of driving to DC this morning, I headed to Manassas, VA. The extra surprise was the beautiful sunrise.

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Panther Beach, California

panther beach, california, ca, beach, landscape, water, rock, stacks, california, ca, travel

California Dreamin

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Monument Flags

washington monument, pencil, monument, tallest building in dc, washington dc, sunrise, flags, american flags, weather, architecture, landscape, cityscape, angela b pan

When I was little, I used to always call the Washington Monument the “pencil”. Anyone else used to call it that? HAHA


Cherry Blossom Pagoda

cherry blossoms, pagoda, japanese, japan, flowers, spring, washington dc, rocks, landscape, landscaping, travel, sunrise, tidal basin, festival

A little Japanese corner by the tidal basin during the cherry blossoms festival.