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Cherry Blossoms at Meadowlark Garden

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Getting ready to leave to Europe this weekend and I c a n ‘ t w a i t!!!


Daylight Savings

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Is it just me or is the daylight savings time change messing with you too? I don’t know, when I was little I never really noticed. As I’m getting older the more and more it effects me. It’s kinda crazy how I’ll look at the clock and won’t believe the time. What’s also crazy is this weather we’re having. I just got back from a walk with Frankie and I was wearing a tshirt! a TSHIRT! and last week at this time we had ice all over the ground.

Looking at this picture makes me feel calm and relaxed. It reminds me of how beautiful and peaceful the winter can be. And theres something about those winter clouds that are so much fun to capture with your camera but I don’t think I’ll miss it anytime soon. I won’t miss having to pack on the layers of clothing and making sure I have my hat and gloves.

However, I’m SUPER looking forward to the spring. I love spring in DC. Not only for the cherry blossoms, but people just seem to climb out of hibernation and be happy.


Icy Tidal Basin

tidal basin, cherry blossom trees, washington dc, freezing rain, ice, snow, winter, white, landscape, winter, cold

I love how the snow and ice reduces everything down to just it’s beautiful shape and form. It’s hard to believe that the cherry blossoms will be blooming on these trees in a few weeks. Until then, I had a great time this morning penguin shuffling through the tidal basin.


Flag Raising

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This almost didn’t happen. My original intention was to take pictures of the Air Force Memorial, but I couldn’t find parking. So I decided to skip it and go home. As I was driving home, I noticed the colors in the sky started changing and I was closer to Iwo Jima than I was anything else. So I turned around again and went to the Marine Corp Memorial. Glad I did. And I’m glad that the clouds lined up perfectly to make it look like it was exploding out of the memorial.


Washington Monument in the Snow

washington monument, washington dc, lincoln memorial, snow, winter, landscape, travel, reflection, architecture

No, that’s not fog. I was walking around the Lincoln Memorial trying to find a cool image. I love how the snow has kind of blocked the Washington Monument and the image has really just become about the columns and the architecture.


Natural Bridge, Bryce Canyon

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Now for a totally different climate, Utah in the summer time.


Winter Storm Juno

juno, winter storm, blizzard, washington dc, winter, weather, statue, trees, framing, white house, hdr, landscape,

This was the blizzard we were waiting for? I mean, you can still see the grass poking through :(


Snow in Great Falls Park

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Just booked a a spring getaway for April. I’m really excited to be visiting Washington State. I’ve never been there before but anyone who’s been there always say that they love it.


Canons at Sunset

manassas, canon, virginia, va, sunset, landscape, battlefield, national park, va, loveva, clouds

Another one from the beautiful night of Navin’s meetup.


United States Air Force Memorial, Arlington VA

air force memorial, united states, usa, military, air force, arlington, va, snow, winter, sunrise, landscape

So I have to admit. I’ve been slacking a little on the picture taking. I dunno if it’s the cold air outside or the warmth of my bed that’s preventing me from getting out, but it’s gotta stop. Actually, I’m going out tonight with a new friend from the Arcanum. She’s in Laurie Rubin‘s cohort and am excited to get out there and shoot. It always makes it easier when you’re meeting up with someone.

This was taken last year in the winter time at sunrise.