Zion, Utah


Last night I went the Redskins game and had a blast. I was screaming, dancing and basically having the best time ever. Too bad we wont be going to the Super Bowl this year but I’m glad I got to experience a playoff game smile emoticon ‪#‎httr‬

BTW if you want to see what it was like, I snapchatted the whole thing: abpanphoto

Those little white dots in the middle of this field in Iceland are sheep. HAHA They’re so teeny tiny here but when you meet them in real life they are big and pretty nonchalant about things. They don’t pay you any attention until you get super close to try to pet them. Trust me, I know from experience. Keep away from the sheep…

Wait a minute, can you even see them?

Kauai, HI


Know of any good cyber Monday deals? I’m on the look out for christmas gifts and travel deals.

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Another one from the other night. This one was right before sunset and the sun was shining directly on the trees in Maryland. I had never seen the trees glow so red before. I instantly felt like I was in the Southwest somewhere.

My grandparents live really close to Tamkang University. Actually, we’d catch the bus into the city from there. This is along the walk. The University is gorgeous with its traditional Chinese architecture.

You learn so much from photography. One day I was out taking pictures and I saw this bird. I had no idea what it was called but a person walking by stopped to admire it too. I asked him what if he knew what kind of bird it was and he told me it was a blue heron. Ever since that day, it’s one of the only birds I can identify besides your usual pigeon, seagull, etc. So now whenever I see a blue heron, I’m very quick to tell anyone next to me that it’s a blue heron. I think I sound smarter when I can identify birds. HAHA.