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Quick stop at the National Gallery of Art and this staircase stopped me in my tracks. I must of looked like a mad woman because I was sort of hanging over the ledge trying to capture the reflections without getting my shoes into the shot. HAHA it’s ok though. Wouldn’t be my first time lookin’ all crazy just for a shot.

Hope to be back again with more time to explore. Now that it’s so cold out, I’d love to shoot more indoor stuff in the winter.

  • William R Homberg

    sometimes you just gotta do really silly stuff to get the photo. Very nice by the way.

  • Thank you William. I agree. I think it was worth it though 🙂

  • William R Homberg

    No I really think it is an good photo. Thanks for sharing. It is something you should put on your wall and let people stare at it and guess what it is.

  • HAHA Thanks!