DC Cherry Blossoms 2015 Vlog


Cloudy Day at the Cherry Blossoms

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Another cloudy day at the Cherry Blossoms in DC yesterday. I decided to just concentrate on close up images of the blooms. I love looking at the little details that make these trees so beautiful.


Cloudy Day at the Tidal Basin

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Even on a cloudy day, the cherry blossoms still look beautiful. But I really hope that the rain we’re expecting in the DC area doesn’t knock the flowers off the branches. I’m having such a great time photographing these trees. I don’t want the fun to stop!!


Cherry Blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial

cherry blossoms, washington dc, jefferson memorial, spring, reflection, tidal basin, japanese, sakura, sunrise

Quick cherry blossom update: They’re starting to bloom!! Most are still budding but you can find a few trees with blooms on them :)

By the way, have you guys tried Periscope? I periscoped for a little while bit while I was at the Cherry Blossoms today and had so much fun. Follow me and I’ll probably be doing more of it while I’m out shooting.


Waiting for Cherry Blossoms

tidal basin, puddle, jefferson memorial, washington dc, sunrise, clouds, rain, reflection, morning, sunrise

The cherry blossoms are coming! So excited to shoot them this year. I always find them a fun challenge. To try to come up with something new that hasn’t been seen before but also to really showcase their beauty.


Magnolia Trees Blooming

magnolia tree, spring, flowers, pink, washington dc, branch, simple

While everyone is waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom in the city, I was out over the weekend checking out the Magnolia trees. These trees are so beautiful and I love seeing them starting to bloom.

I’ve also been concentrating more on seeing what I love, simplicity and trying to stay true to my aesthetics. It’s not always shooting architecture with an amazing sky in the background. It’s about appreciating the little things in life that make me smile.


Vietnam Veterans Wall Flower

vietnam veterans, vietnam wall, vietnam memorial, washington dc, carnation, red, flower, reflection, dc,

So, I was walking along the Vietnam Veterans Memorial when I noticed someone had placed these carnations every few steps. I thought it was so beautiful that I had to find a creative way to capture it. I could of taken it straight from eye level but this deserved something different.


I Have a Dream

lincoln memorial, washington monument, sunrise, reflecting pool, i have a dream, martin luther king jr, washington dc, dc, steps, mlk,

I took this shot right before I left to Philly. You know how it is before you leave for a trip. You get so busy running errands and making sure you have everything in order before you leave, so I didn’t have time to process any of these images.

I remember this being a super peaceful morning. I tried walking to the Lincoln Memorial a different way then I’m used to so I could see if I could find a new POV. Then I thought about the beautiful engraving on the steps. I was so concentrated on trying to get this shot, I didn’t even realize there were some army guys working out on the bottom of the steps. All of the sudden they all started charging up the steps. Well Good Morning to you guys too ;)


View from the Comcast Building

comcast building, philadelphia, philly, pennsylvania, skyline, building, architecture, through the window

Thanks to my new friend, Sam who showed me around the Comcast building while I was in Philly. Seriously amazing views from the top. I got so excited I pulled out my camera before I could even talk to anyone.


Plane over University of Pennsylvania

university, Pennsylvania, penn, upenn, levine hall, airplane, airport, travel, architecture, looking up

While I was in Philadelphia, I spent most of my time at the University of Pennsylvania. I remember visiting the campus a while ago when my cousin was an undergrad there but haven’t been back since. I LOVED the campus. At first I loved how close all the colleges were together (Drexel, Penn, Wharton) but then while I was walking around I feel in love with the community. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I felt like I was home. The campus itself was beautiful and very clean. I also liked how there were plenty of shops and restaurants in the area to keep me entertained.