Jefferson Memorial Columns

jefferson memorial, columns, washington dc, black and white, lines, details, travel,

I was processing this image and thought that it would look better in black and white. What do you think? There were some color in the sky, but…. I dunno.


Annapolis, Maryland at Sunrise

annapolis, nap town, maryland, md, boats, clouds, sunrise,

Nap town at sunrise. Luckily the water was calm to get a nice, sharp image of the boats.

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National Shrine, Washington DC

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, washington dc, sunrise, travel, landscape, light

Just some test shots for future visits to the National Shrine. I’ve never been there before, but I was very impressed by the architecture and grandness of the shrine.


Kauai Sheraton Balcony

kauai, sheraton, starwood, balcony, sunrise, palm trees, beach, pool, travel, vacation, warm weather, palm trees, hotel,

I guess all the other people in this image are from the east coast too. It’s so hard to get used to the time zone in Hawaii since it’s 6 hours behind. But makes it easy to get up to watch the sunrise.

Can’t wait to go back. No plans yet, but would love to go soon :)


Before the Rain

jefferson, memorial, thomas jefferson, washington dc, tidal basin, sunrise, clouds, color, sky, rain, weather, travel, washington dc, columns, stairs, hdr, photography, photo

Before we got all this crazy rain from the weekend, I got up Friday morning to watch the sunrise. The storm clouds brought beautiful color.


Cherry Blossoms are Coming!

cherry blossoms, japanese flowers, sakura, washington dc, tidal basin, macro, flowers, pink, trees, spring,

Well, at least according to the National Park Service. It really doesn’t feel like it. Especially since it snowed in DC earlier this week. I’ll keep an eye out and keep you all posted :)


Rock Formations in Sedona

sedona, arizona, capitol butte, clouds, travel, red rocks

Beautiful day in Sedona, Arizona. I love the clouds that are hovering over the rock formations. It created great light to highlight the rocks and makes the sky look extra blue.

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National Gallery of Art

national gallery of art, statue, architecture, washington dc, art,

Growing up in the DC area, the National Gallery of Art has always been one of my favorites. Is it still art when you’re photographing someone else’s work?


Sandy Point State Park, Maryland

sandy point state park, maryland, md, bay bridge, rocks, water, light house, beach, state park

I was lucky to spend a beautiful weekend in Maryland. It was just a personal weekend with me and my husband to spend some time together. As we were driving, we noticed the light rays coming from the clouds. Luckily, we were close to Sandy Point State Park so we pulled over. Unfortunately, the rays died down a little.


Capitol Morning Traffic

US Capitol, washington dc, light trails, car trails, night photography, bike, car, cars, fog, weather, travel, washington dc,

An unusually foggy morning in front of the Capitol. I was running late for sunrise. Good thing the fog covered the sun long enough to get a few shots in.