President’s Day Snow

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YAY! We finally got some great snow. And it was the fluffy powdery kind that’s so much fun to walk through. Luckily, we just moved close to the metro so I was excited to hop on and see what I could find.

When I got to the DC area, the snow had already turned into the really light/rainy kinda snow. Which made it a little easier to stand outside, but not as easy to photograph.

Climbing up the memorial steps, I noticed a familiar face looking at me. I had never noticed him before. Maybe because the door is always closed when I’m there? I’m not sure. But he was definitely checking out the snow. Do you think President Lincoln approved of the snow on President’s day?


Library of Congress Reading Room

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The cool thing about President’s Day in Washington DC is that the Library of Congress opens it’s doors to the Main Reading Room for photographers and visitors to check out. Usually you can only view this room from above and behind a glass. Cameras are definitely not allowed in this room.

But it’s such a cool event to have the reading room open on President’s day. There was an author reading her poetry and so many people excited running around taking pictures. I happened to take 2 or 3 bookmarks from the library as a souvenir :)


Morning on Kutz Bridge

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The nice part about living and working in DC is to see views like this during your morning commute. It makes traffic go by so much faster. At least for me :)


DC War Memorial

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The DC War Memorial is tucked away behind the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool. I feel like not many people know about it or get to visit, but it’s still a beautiful memorial all on its own.


Sunrise at the Arlington Memorial Bridge

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I was hoping the colors in the sky would come over the bridge but it never did. Thought it was a pretty cool “peak-a-boo, I’m not going to see you” kind of image.


Air Force Memorial at Twilight

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Saturday night’s sunset was amazing, wasn’t it? I left the GW parkway and as I was driving home, the light wouldn’t go away. It was just there teasing me. So I had to find somewhere to try out some twilight shots. The Air Force Memorial was the perfect place.


Gravelly Point Park

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In an effort to explore new places with my camera, I was on the GW parkway this weekend. This was at Gravelly Point Park. A place I remember visiting a lot when I was in high school but haven’t really been back since.

It’s a nice area with a lot of families picnicking and lots of people running and biking along the trail. As far as taking panoramic views, I think I should of gone a little further down the trail. Either way, I think this is a cool vantage point of Reagan airport. Trying to capture the planes landing at sunset? Now, that took a little more patience.


Early Morning Light on the Jefferson Memorial

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Not only is sunrise beautiful, but if you wait a little bit longer. 20 minutes sometimes 30 minutes, you’ll see this gorgeous light reflecting off of things and you’ll fall in love with the morning all over again.

Did that make sense? I dunno. Early morning light is just awesome sauce no matter how you put it :)


First Impression: Sony A7II


Cloud Streaks

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Third day in a row for pretty epic sunrises. I love it! I love how they’ve all been so different but all beautiful at the same time.