Martin Luther King Jr Day 2015

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Happy Birthday Dr King. You will always be remembered.


Unboxing Sony A7II

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Great Falls in the Winter

great falls, virginia, va, state park, mather gorge, waterfall, nature, rocks, water, sunrise

Another one of my favorite places to shoot is Great Falls. It’s pretty cool because no matter the time of the year, it always looks different. The water levels fluctuate and in the winter you can see these cool ice formations forming on the rocks.


Fog Taking over the Capitol

capitol, fog, us capitol, congress, government, house of representatives, government, reflection, water, pool, fog, weather, sunrise, sun, washington dc, capital

Peak-a-boo Capitol! I see you!


Birds, Birds and More Birds

birds, tidal basin, washington dc, sunset, water, reflection, ice, snow, sun, sunset, weather, travel, wildlife, dc,

I did it! I got out of the house and went out shooting. I met up with fellow photographer and new friend, Tricia and headed to the DC. I wasn’t expecting much. The clouds were kinda meh and it was pretty cold out, but we headed over there anyways. We parked right by the Tidal Basin and from the car I could see all these birds just chillin on the ice. Literally chillin.

Tricia and I got out and were pretty excited about shooting the birds. Then all of the sudden they all started flying away. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Just hundreds of birds going everywhere. I just kept on clicking and clicking hoping to get a good shot.


United States Air Force Memorial, Arlington VA

air force memorial, united states, usa, military, air force, arlington, va, snow, winter, sunrise, landscape

So I have to admit. I’ve been slacking a little on the picture taking. I dunno if it’s the cold air outside or the warmth of my bed that’s preventing me from getting out, but it’s gotta stop. Actually, I’m going out tonight with a new friend from the Arcanum. She’s in Laurie Rubin‘s cohort and am excited to get out there and shoot. It always makes it easier when you’re meeting up with someone.

This was taken last year in the winter time at sunrise.


Walking Around the Washington Monument

washington monument, flags, washington dc, wind, windy, weather,  perspective, sky, blue, american flags, blowing

Walking around the Washington Monument is a pretty cool. You can’t help to think about all that has happened in our country and knowing that the Washington Monument was here for all of it.


Fog at the Tidal Basin

fog, weather, tidal basin, washington dc, washington monument, jefferson memorial, night, landscape, travel, walk

Another beautiful foggy night at the Tidal Basin. I took this image last week, not now. Theres still a lot of snow and ice everywhere.


Ducks Like The Snow Too

ducks, reflecting pool, trees, lincoln memorial, washington monument. washington dc, snow, winter, birds

As I was walking down the reflecting pool, I saw these ducks and thought that it was so cool that they were still in the reflecting pool swimming. They even had snow on their backs that they didn’t even seem to mind. Just kept on swimming along. So I set up my tripod really quickly and waiting for them to swim past me. And they would just keep swimming, just keep swimming.


White Tree

snow, tree, washington dc, #Closefcps, tree, washington monument, washington dc, weather, white, landscape, visit, winter

Finally!!! Some snow!!! Can we all stand up and start doing our snow dance so we can get some more?

Although, I don’t think my coupe likes it very much.