Capitol Restoration

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I was expecting a beautiful sunrise so I thought I’d go to the US Capitol building. Its always been one of my favorite spots to catch the sun but when I got there, all I saw was restoration tents and dark clouds.


Willow Trees in DC

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Along the GW Parkway there are these beautiful willow trees everywhere. I love watching them blow in the wind. It seems like they’d be the perfect spot for a picnic or even to just cuddle up and read. Do you think so? Or have I just been watching way to much tv lately that I’m getting these fantasy, dream-like visions of willow trees in my head?


Sunrise from the GW Parkway

sunrise, george washington parkway, gw, potomac, river, washington monument, lincoln memorial, arlington bridge, washington dc, regan airport

Have you ever woke up in the morning and just knew it was going to be a good day? That’s what happened yesterday and this sunrise just confirmed it.


Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial

washington monument, architecture, jefferson memorial, steps, sunrise, washington dc, tidal basin, steps,

Another grey morning but I thought I’d go out anyways. I went exploring around the Jefferson Memorial when all of the sudden I just stopped. I love how the stairs are pointing to the Monument at a distance.


Muggy Morning

great falls park in virginia

It’s been really dark and cloudy in the mornings, but that hasn’t been stopping the heat from coming in the day time. When I’m in the house, I’m always bundled up and always get so surprised when I step outside to walk Frankie and it’s so warm. I like it better than the cold weather though.


Marine Corp Memorial

marine corp memorial, sunrise, clouds, american flag, arlington, virginia, va,

Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s day weekend. I spent a lot of time with family, friends and food. No better way to spend the weekend :)


Seattle and the Pacific Northwest VLOG


Manassas Battlefield, VA

manassas, virginia, battlefield, va, foggy, sunrise, canon, statue, weapon,

Now I wish I held off a little bit before posting yesterday’s pic. I like this one so much more with the canon and you can really see the beautiful fog.

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Foggy Morning in Manassas, VA

manassas, fog, thunderstorm, rain, virginia, va, battlefield, statue, trees, hills,

A crazy foggy morning at Manassas Battlefield. It was a lot of fun getting out there and shoot.


Wild Flowers

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I have this thing with flowers in spring.